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Dragibus, an iconic brand

Did you know that? Dragibus is the second favorite candy brand of the French, behind the Tagada strawberries.

But the brand is losing buyers, mainly due to a lack of product evolution.

A novelty in the dragibus

In 2021, a change takes place, all the Dragibus are now colored by dyes of natural origin.

However, this responsible evolution has only been announced in a timid way on social networks.

presentation of a student recommendation on a brief for Haribo dragibus

Communicate differently

It is on this observation that the subject of the SP3 competition was born.

In teams, students must promote (to 15-35 year olds) Dragibus and its dyes in a more fun and complete way.

The 360° campaign must differentiate itself from competitors using natural dyes. It must consist of a film, a digital activation and a digital campaign.

phone instagram account dragibus haribo

The big winners

C’est le concept des personnalités correspondant à chaque couleur de dragibus qui a gagné.

Congratulations to Yuna GUILLEMET, Zoé LEDUC, Thomas MEKHNACHE, Justine MIGGIANO, Nathan MOULIN, Claire PASQUET, Jordan PILLET, Laura PITOT, Jade SIMONNOT, Sara ZAPPULLA.

Updated 26 April 2022