Students of Sup de Pub, School of Communication, Bordeaux Campus, pitched their rebranding strategy for the classic card game, UNO.

Members of the English department: Patricia Sibella, Shelley Cardinaud, Susan Brun and Jiska Leinders, along with the kind cooperation of Paul Willatte – organized this mini-competition for the 4th year students.

Divided into 10 teams (10-11 students in each group), students had to rebrand and pitch their strategy to the English speaking jury.

The rules were simple. Students were asked to sell the ‘real’ UNO card game to young individuals (16-25 year olds) by giving a modern image to the brand. The objective was to show the target group that UNO can be more fun than a poker and as thrilling as any console game, iPhone or iPad app.

Each team was given one month to build their rebranding strategy. Afterwards they presented their pitch to the jury. Four teams were selected for a final round. The finalist were asked to pitch their project to the entire class. Although every group came up with some very interesting and challenging concepts, one team really stood out.

The ‘Yellow’ agency won over the class and was crowned the winner. This team was composed of A. Alemao, D. Berthon, I. Claveleau, C. Couffignal, J.-B. Galera, M. Gros, S. Harmach, A. Robin-Tellier, J. Suard, A. Valentin et S. Voldoire



Uno V1 Uno V2



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