The Sup de Pub Alumni got together on April 25th to celebrate the school’s 25 years of existence. The event coincided with the release of the new Sup de Pub directory and CD ‘Compil Sup de Pub’. The venue chosen for the evening party was the rather atypical Maison de l’architecture-Café A.

The festivities included a set with two young promising bands from Sup de pub, Lost my name and The Part-time friends, followed by an exceptional concert with the band HollySiz and finally ending with the duo Djettes Mamamushi.As for the networking, many cards changed hands during the evening and the students involved in the Alumni Project (Projet Extra Académique) played an important role in up-dating the guests’ particulars for the next Sup de Pub graduate directory.

The event was indeed a great success as around 500 Alumni, graduates from 1988 to 2011, were present for the celebrations that lasted well into the night!

Some photos of this event:
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To watch more photos, please visit the Anciens Supdepub profile on facebook.