« Welcome to the English Days! ». That’s how Bordeaux’s third-year promotion was welcomed when the students came back from their Christmas’ holidays.

The English Days, which is an event created by Bordeaux Sup de Pub, are a new way to approach communication and advertising thanks to a full English immersion. Students spent three full days with three different professors to work on diverse exercises such as creative writing, team-work and debates.

One of the main topics was social media and the importance of making a video CV to promote oneself. Video is a major media on social networks in 2016, and communication professionals are using it to highlight their skills. Students were asked to prepare convincing arguments in front of a camera, to show what they could do for a company and why they were unique. They were told to consider it as their personal teaser trailer.

Story telling is at the core of brand content, so it makes sense that Sup de Pub students learn how to write good stories. Setting up a context, developing interesting characters and telling something unique were the rules. Each team chose a topic and started to write a story. A teacher jury will soon announce the best story in terms of the quality of the writing, content, and originality. The winner of the contest will have his/her story published on the site of the school.

Arts also have their place in the English Days thanks to an exercise where music and images were put together. Teams of students had to make a music cover of an artist from a list of many different styles of music, such as classical and country. They then had to present to the class their creations, artistic choice and influence.

After three days of non-stop English and the opportunity to enhance their English skills, students are ready to begin the year with a more international vision than before. For some of them this is just the beginning of the immersion that they will continue during their placements abroad.

Album cover for Chopin, by Erwan Boullé

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