VSTAR, Premium Electronic Cigarettes. Free Yourself.

From December 818, 2015, students from the SP4 Bordeaux promotion focused on the electronic premium VSTAR Cigarette brand for their second competition, which had a distinctive characteristic: the brief and project had to be carried out in English!

Needless to say, being proficient in a foreign language, especially in English, has become indispensable in the advertising business. Yet, the use of a language is what most young French people lack, especially when compared to other European countries. This competition in English is a real asset for the students as it allows them to practice English in a professional context, but also to assess their level.

A total of 8 teams composed of about 10 students and varied specialties, competed to propose projects each one more creative than the last. With a two-week deadline, their work and diligence led to very different and interesting propositions.

The VSTAR winning project suggested a product customization: provide clients the possibility to personalize the look of their electronic cigarette thanks to a special process. Through this, it hopes to create a buzz around the brand and the product, as well as a sense of belonging, to gain customer loyalty. It’s fair to say that SUP DE PUB students are very imaginative.

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