There are two options to prepare for the  2nd cycle of study  at Sup de Pub : Creation, Communication and Digital.

The second year of SUP de PUB completes  the first cycle of initiation, it offers three specializations to first year students. It is also directly accessible, via a competitive entrance exam,  to external students who have validated a first year of university study, a specialized school of communication or a school of art and design.

SP2 Communication & Digital: Training “digital natives”

Digital techniques are now ubiquitous in the business of media and marketing communication. This second year option allows students at SUP de PUB to learn about these new methods that are transforming all the ways professionals work. In this program, students will continue to acquire valuable knowledge in the communications sector but also have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with digital marketing, design, SEO and social media management. All of these relatively new areas are today, fully integrated in the lives of people and companies and represent an essential part of the communication of brands and services.

  • Courses: Press Reviews, Communication Strategy, English, Operational Intelligence, General Culture, Communication Culture, Internet Law, Communication Law, Web Marketing, Digital Media.
  • Workshops: Storytelling, Case Studies, Benchmarking, Introduction to Communication  Codes, Web Copywriting.
  • Seminars: Generational Marketing, Pitching My Idea, CAD/Web Design.

Program details

SP2 Creation: Training skilled creatives in multi-media

This option is the extension of the first year SP1 CREATION. It allows students to confirm their capabilities in design and conceptualization. In between their classes they attend workshops and seminars that  help improve  their technical skills in desktop publishing, photography, video and web design but also widen their   culture and encourage their creative thinking. This second year prepares them for their third year of specialization and their first long-term internship in a company.

  • Courses: Creative advertising and graphics, drawing and preparing roughs, graphic design culture, general culture, history of art, English.
  • Workshops: Visual expression, CAD, In Design, typographic culture.
  • Seminars: Photographic Techniques, Video advertising, Challenge creation, My First Book.

Program details


For all students:

November – December: the internship

This mandatory two-month internship takes place just before the Christmas holidays. It offers a second on-the-job experience before the long-term internship planned for the 3rd year.

Mid – January: the COMPETITION

This second competition is held in a real professional context with a brief given by major advertiser. This allows all students to work in teams on a real subject for two weeks in January. This exercise also helps students to see if they have made the right choice of specialization and to use their acquisitions to prepare more effectively for the third year. 

Preparation for the CELSA school (optional)

For all students who wish to prepare for the very selective CELSA entrance exam, SUP de PUB offers a week of intensive courses during the February holidays in Paris. The program focuses particularly on methodology and editorial. Students eligible for the oral exam receive two days of additional coaching in May.

SP2  Planning

Term begins in September

From september to October: Courses
From November to December: Internship
From January to April: Courses
From to July: Internship